July update

Hello friends, It’s rainy winter in Chile, the kids are all on winter break, and I’m just getting back into the swing of things to prepare for second semester. Pray for the mission workers – the Chilean vicars and their families, Pastor Tim and his wife Ellen, the 3 Kingdom Workers, and for me. Church

Has God closed a door in your life?

There is a door that is simply closed for me, right now. I’ve already tried all sorts of plans to open it.  Oh yes. I’ve rallied to get others to help open it; investigated as to how it could be opened, note-compared as to how others have opened that door, used brute force, explored sneaky

The double standard at a Chilean funeral

In Chilean Spanish, a wake is a “velatorio.”  Vela means “candle.” I’m not 100% sure it’s related, but I would imagine that a “velatorio” originally meant “candlelight vigil.” For many Chileans who are/were very influenced by Latino Catholicism, the velatorio is the time to pray for the soul of the deceased. It was raining lightly,

6 specific ways to get involved with and support the Chilean mission

Many of you, my readers, take an active interest in supporting missions with your prayers, donations, and talents or service. And I know that many of you are interested in learning what you can specifically do to support the church in Chile (the southernmost ELS-WELS Lutheran congregation in the world). There are several ways in

Goals for month at home

This year, I’m home in Minnesota for about 4 weeks. Typically, I think most mission workers agree that the 3 goals of any time home would be: 1) To spend time with family and friends 2) To rest and re-charge 3) To promote mission work. That being said, there are a variety of ways to

What does an actual Chilean recommend in Chile?

Sara, one of my English students, wrote this short article as part of her class homework. The goal was to write a convincing tourism article for a magazine or blog. Sara is in her 20s, and is studying English Education. She’s also improving her fluency and skills through English classes with me at Learn for